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Don King offers expert witness and consulting services for architects, attorneys, builders, site planners, and engineers. He can also assist developers of condominiums, hotels, medical centers, restaurants, office parks, airports, retail stores, municipal buildings, and much more.


Now you know what we do, but what you may not know is how a door consultant can save you money when it comes to building compliance and safety. So how exactly can a door consultant help? The answer is below.

An Automatic Door Failure Led to Seven Million Dollar Settlement

Several years ago, an automatic door at a retail store in the state of Illinois malfunctioned as a woman walked through the entrance. The woman was seriously injured as a result. A lawsuit followed, and the injured woman received a seven million dollar settlement.


Her attorneys argued that the retail store failed to inspect and properly maintain the automatic doors, and didn't properly follow the safety guidelines provided by the door manufacturer.


That actual story is just one of different cases involving door failure. It's also the reason why it pays to have an expert consultant to make sure the entrance to your structure is safe, and compliant. You don't want to risk a lawsuit, but more importantly, you probably don't want adults or children to get hurt.


Here's What We Can Do For You
For over 30 years, Don King has had hands-on experience with manual and automatic doors. He knows the design, function, applications of swinging, sliding, rolling, and folding doors. He can tell you how to avoid mistakes when it comes to how doors work, and where doors are used in a building.


Don King is able to review plans for new building construction, or visit existing structures to check for compliance and safety issues. You'll find out the best approach for adding manual and automatic doors, to save money on future changes and costly repairs.


Don't put off hiring a door consultant. Call Don King today at 863-559-1533. You may also click here to send an email.

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